Service Specials


Replace timing belt, replace timing belt tensioner, replace water pump&gasket, adjust timing to factory specification, replace drive belt, 1 gall of coolant, courtesy loaner vehicle able for this service

Fall Service Special $239.95

-Replace engine oil and Genuine Acura oil filter
-Rotate and inspect tires, check brake wear
-Replace front wiper inserts -Check engine coolant

-Check cooling system for leaks
-Check and top off all fluid levels
-Check belts and hoses
-Check and adjust tire pressure
-Check exhaust system
-Check constant velocity (CV) boots
-Complete a multi-point inspection
-*Synthetic oil extra/Up to 5 Quarts
*Same-Day Appointments Available
EXPIRES: 01/03/2023

*Ready for Winter?  We’ve Got Your Tires!

Performance starts from the ground up. Come in and take advantage of our tire specials to ensure optimal performance, gas mileage and safety.  We provide a 2-year road hazard warranty at no extra charge.  Get the service and savings you deserve today!
EXPIRES: 01/03/2023

First time Customers Save 10%

on recommended repairs (does not exceed $75.00) – Excludes maintenance/oil change

EXPIRES: 01/03/2023

Acura Winter Battery Special

Complimentary Battery/Charging System Inspection.  Your Genuine Acura battery is a key component to your vehicle’s overall reliability and performance.  Especially during the Winter season.  For peace of mind, come in today and have one of our technicians perform a Complimentary Battery/Charging System Inspection.  Don’t wait until it’s too late! (5% off Genuine Acura Battery)

EXPIRES: 01/03/2023

Cooling System Special $199.95

Your cooling system regulates engine temperatures for both cold and warm weather conditions. This service will help prevent rust and corrosion in the cooling system. Service includes: • Check and drain cooling system • Pressure test system and refill with up to one gallon of coolant • Check all fluids, wiper blades and drive belts (original price $249.95)
EXPIRES: 01/03/2023